PrintFab - More Information

Perfect control over color reproduction and ink application

Printers cannot reproduce as luminous colors as displays can - therefore the printer driver needs to make a compromise. PrintFab puts you into control over color reproduction. Decide for yourself if your digital photos shall be printed realistic, more colorful and brilliant or in economy mode – for any single print job if you like.

Proof mode (PrintFab Pro)

For professional users PrintFab Pro offers a CMYK proof mode for printing CMYK Postscript or PDF documents with correct color reproduction. With its dynamic color profiles, PrintFab can optionally simulate the source document's black generation.

Maximum color accuracy can be achieved by creating an individual color profile using the ZEDOnet profile service. One measurement (for one paper of your choice) is already included with the purchase of PrintFab Pro. If you have the required measurement equipment you can also create and use your own ICC profiles.

Support for additional inkjet papers

With PrintFab you can choose from a wide range of inkjet media – you are no longer restricted to the printer manufacturer’s products. PrintFab also supports photo paper from other manufacturers, e.g. “Kodak” and “Ilford”.

Support for additional types of paper can be added with our color profile service.

Ink usage information

PrintFab counts every drop of ink that is printed. You can see exactly how much ink of each color the last printout consumed. And you can compare how much ink will be used with your current driver settings and how much ink can be saved with different settings or using different paper!

When using printers with combined ink cartridges (several colors within the same cartridge) it is important to know which color is used most.

Create individual profiles for paper or ink

We offer a low cost measuring-service for users of PrintFab to create individual profiles for your printer in combination with your favourite paper and ink. This service costs only EUR 19,95 per profile and can be ordered in our Online Shop.

By creating an individual color profile for a type of paper, you can improve the trueness of the color (there are even slight differences between the print heads of the same printer model) or adapt your printer to a paper that is not yet supported by this PrintFab printer driver.

Creating a high quality profile is easy: Send us a color chart printed with PrintFab Toolbox, and we will measure it and return your individual color profile by email.