Customer Opinions - PrintFab

Hartmut Schmitz, IT Service

I searched for a cheap RIP solution for a customer and found it with PrintFab. The RIP already supports a variety of media with the right profiles for a large number of printers. My customer wanted an A3 printer for media-wedge compliant digital proofs. I chose the EPSON XP 15000 with the RIP PrintFab Pro for Windows. The first test print with the supplied profile has already yielded good results, but the RIP price also includes the creation of a custom profile. I was able to solve initial problems by making phone calls or emails with very quick answers. My client loved the speed and quality of the RIP. I thank this very competent company for a good product and the great support.

Peter Herzig, Photography

I am very pleased with the results. The difference between printing with the native Canon driver and a driver created with PrintFab is obvious. The colors are brighter, more vivid, the color gamut seems to be much larger, and the correction options are good tools (in case they are ever needed). The workflow in PrintFab itself is also pleasant. It's great and I'm very happy with the application after a good dozen test prints. Also your service for color profile measurements is good. The individual color profile was sent just a few days after submission by mail. And the installation is indeed more than easy. The same applies to the e-mail correspondence with ZEDOnet.

Jon C., Screen Printer

We are quite happy and printed with it yesterday to test it using some simple separation from Photoshop. Setting screening and angles and the % of coverage is working well on the XP15000. The screening is now very good on PrintFab. A+, better than competing RIPs and also better than the manufacturer driver!

Edward L., Photographer

Received my profile today, installed it and printed.  Remarkable results!  I tested it against the stock profiles for the Canon Pro-10 provided by Red River and against my own profile created with a Spyder Print colorimeter. Yours beat the others hands down. The print exactly matched the one on my Eizo CG2420. Kudos.

Alex P., Illustrations & Photography

I am just writing to thank you for PrintFab Home - it has given my Epson ET-2650 ecotank printer a new lease of life. With the Epson-supplied printer driver the plain paper settings were okay but for other paper types the output was not good - often too dark. With the PrintFab driver, output on matte paper and premium paper now looks great. I am so impressed with the PrintFab supplied calibrations - using the default PrintFab settings, without additional tweaks, I now get excellent photo and illustration output for my needs.

Peter F., Advertising Agency

Thank you for the color profiles. I'm excited about what PrintFab is getting out of my old Photosmart. The color accuracy between the two completely different types of paper is amazing.

William T., Photographer

I am delighted with the results, colours are vibrant and true. The combination of the PrintFab driver and the tailored profile has transformed my rather basic colour printer (Canon iP7200) into one that is producing results as good as I have seen from colleagues with much more expensive ones. I had previously used another source to obtain a tailored ICC profile for my printer-paper combination, but the process was much more complex than it is with PrintFab and the result hardly showed any improvement - whereas obtaining and installing the PrintFab profile couldn’t be easier and, as I say above, the results are excellent, with an obvious improvement in print quality.

Christopher J., Sublimation Printer

I have begged, borrowed, and saved to start my own sublimation business. So I've purchased a used Epson 7600 as my sublimation printer. It is a reliable, easy to fix printer. I grab my laptop and hook up to the 7600, and BLAM, no driver for Windows 10. Whoa I'm sweating this hard now and then the storm clouds part and a blog thread turns me on to PrintFab. I'm sure that it is not going to work, nothing goes right any more... but my printer works! You guys saved my life (or at least my dream of owning a business). My deepest thanks.

Gerd M., Photographer

Thank you for the color profile for my Epson SureColor P600 with Farbenwerk inks. A difference like day and night. The colors are exactly right now.

Judith L., Writer and Graphic Designer

I'm in the process of printing out manuscripts for a children's book about one of the racehorses we have rescued here on our farm. I'm also a graphic designer, and for years I have used the Epson Stylus series for proofing and some small print runs. This old Epson Stylus 3000 is like a workhorse, and I still prefer to use this older printer because I know it so well, and purchasing a new printer at the moment is something I'm putting off as long as I can. I saw mention of PrintFab on a Mac discussion board and thought I would give your demo a try. Unbelievable! This old printer works flawlessly and the proofs are breathtaking. So I've extended the life of this Epson, thank goodness, long enough to proudly get these manuscripts to the publisher.

Robert R., Photographer

Hi, I have finally found what I was looking for, which is a way to print long panoramas with my Epson Stylus Pro 3880.

Ajay T., Pre-Press und Photography

I am surprised that the PrintFab printer driver/RIP suite isn't known better. Actually it is a great piece of software. More than that their support is really very good. A full working 30 day demo allows full printing & calibration profiles to be built, if one has the necessary profiling software & hardware. And even during demo they respond to queries quickly and help out with problems. I have tried major RIP software from around the world & think that PrintFab as a whole package including support beats all hands down. For those without profiling tools, they build profiles for users as well. During trial I built 4 profiles each for 2 printers, one HP & one Epson and in both I see ease of use & productivity. The built in postscript interpreter works quite well too. For graphics designers in prepress this is simply fantastic. For photographers with RGB workflows it offers the same great set of features.